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Blogs are a very important complements to business websites. They provide an easy medium for frequent content updates and carry out a informal dialogue with your audiences. The online success of a blog depends on the quality of posts that you make and the content that you write for it. Thus, more than anything else, you should ensure that your blog posts are interesting and offer some value to the readers. This way, you can increase your readership and keep your readers coming back.

Here are some handy tips to make your posts interesting.

Keep the style Conversational

Formal styles are not for blog posts. While writing for your blog, make sure you maintain a conversational writing style by using personal pronouns like ‘I’ and ‘you’ etc. The main idea is to make the readers feel that you are talking to them rather than narrating something. This is the first and foremost thing to remember while writing blog posts.

Offer Contradictions

Affirming to all the facts and figures can make your posts boring. It might seem that you are blatantly repeating what is already discovered and present. Rather, try to contradict things like you do in real life. This will not only make your posts interesting but also prompt readers to leave comments and offer their opinion.

Connect with your Audience Emotionally

The best way to connect to your audiences is though emotions. The tone of your blog posts should exhibit your enthusiasm and passion for the concerned topic. When you connect with your audience on an emotional level, they trust you as a credible voice about the topic and keep coming back to your blog.

Write Short Sentences

Use short crisp sentences that convey your message clearly and concisely. Long sentences may confuse the readers and make them lose interest in the contents.

Avoid Complex Vocabulary

If you are good at language or are an expert technologist, you may be tempted to use sophisticated words and complex technical jargon in your posts. However, remember that your audiences may not be well versed and would not understand the complex terminology’s that your decide to use.

Use an Informal Style

Though the rules of English grammar may not allow sentences to begin with ‘And’, ‘Because’ etc., a blog is where you can break all rules. You need to write something just the way you speak. The trick is to make the visitors feel that you are actually talking to them. Information disseminated in this form is much more influencing than regular articles!

Include Humor

Nothing wins accolades and breaks the ice like humor does. So go ahead and introduce a touch of humor in your blog posts. It will appeal more to the users and can emphasize the point that you are trying to make. Also, users will understand and remember it better.

Be Interactive

Just like you maintain a conversational tone in your blog posts, you can ask questions in order to get the readers involved. You can do this by asking them questions. It makes readers feel like they are a part of the conversation than just merely listening to a one-person narrative.

About the Author:

Kabir Bedi is a senior web consultant at LeXolution IT Services, a processional  web development company that has a team of skilled Web developers India. The company offers a plethora of web services including web design and development services.

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